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For more than 17 years Pixels & Dots has been helping brands like yours achieve their goals with creative and effective advertising and marketing communications.

We create unique graphics that communicate the identity of your business. Our designers provide eye-catching ways to deliver your branding and marketing messages. Take a look at our portfolio and visualize the possibilities.

Our award winning Cincinnati design agency is experienced in advertising, branding, interactive design, user interface design, graphic design, marketing strategy, web design, web development, commercial photography, product photography, and videography.


Pixels & Dots started with the vision and grass roots approach of the owners, Angela Davis and Monte Davis. It all began at Angela and Monte's studio at the Pendleton Art Center located on Pendleton Street, Downtown Cincinnati, OH. Angela and Monte had always dreamed of starting their own design agency. They began by marketing their web design, graphic design, and digital photography skills to other artists at the Pendleton Art Center.

They created a web site design for the Pendleton Art Center and many of the individual artists. They personally photographed the artists' paintings and created custom designed web sites for the artists.

As more and more interest grew outside of the Pendleton Art Center and demand for Pixels & Dots web design services increased across the city, they quickly outgrew the small studio space at the Pendleton Art Center.

Web Design for growing businesses

Angela and Monte later moved their offices to Hyde Park, Cincinnati, OH and began broadening their customer base to other growing businesses in the Cincinnati area. This move to Hyde Park proved to be a move in the right direction. The Hyde Park location allowed for yet more expansion and the customer base continued to diversify. Word spread quickly about the wide range of design services offered by Pixels & Dots and Angela and Monte worked many long days and nights to keep up with the ever increasing demand for their high quality web design services.

Full array of design services

Pixels & Dots is now conveniently located above Lookout Joes Coffee Shop in Mt. Lookout Square, Cincinnati, OH. This location in Mt. Lookout helped to catapult Pixels & Dots to the next level with the addition of road front signage and more professional offices. Pixels & Dots has grown into a successful design agency, offering a full array of design services. Although Pixels & Dots is no longer located at the Pendleton Art Center, art is still at the heart of the designs created. Every web and print design is an aesthetically pleasing piece of artwork that functions smoothly effectively and efficiently. Every logo design and graphic design is custom created masterfully capturing the essence of the business it represents.


Our Leadership Team

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Angela Davis
President, CEO

Angela holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and Business Administration from The University of Cincinnati in Ohio and a Web Design degree from The University of Cincinnati. Angela began her career at a young age working her way through college and moving up in the advertising world. Angela co-founded Pixels & Dots in 2001. Angela's responsibilities extend across art direction, interactive design, web design, graphic design, commercial photography, and videography.

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Monte Davis
Vice President

Monte holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design from Stockton State College, Pomona, New Jersey. Monte began his career in the print industry and moved into web design in 2000. Monte co-founded Pixels & Dots in 2001. Monte is working with clients such as Procter & Gamble, McDonalds Franchise, and Hamilton County. Monte is a talented Graphic Designer, Art Director Videographer and Photographer.