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How long has Pixels & Dots, LLC been certified as a Woman Owned Business Enterprise / Diverse Supplier?

We were first certified in 2011.


I need a web site, what is the first thing I need to do?

Create a sitemap or wireframes (see example below).


Can you tell me about your process and pricing structure for logo and website design (In a Nutshell)? 

1. We talk to you to find out what you are trying to accomplish and learn more about your budget. 

2. If possible, we propose a solution to fit your budget. 

3. Once we have an agreement on price, we will set up a discovery meeting with you to further discuss the goals for your project and learn more about your vision for the project. 

4. We work up sketches and get you involved in the process. The more engaged you are in the process the happier you will be with the final product. 

5. Once we are in agreement about the sketches we digitize the designs and present them to you for your review. 

6. You will send us minor changes to the sketches. 

7. We make your minor changes revisions will be made. 

8. We submit final designs for your approval / You sign off on the designs. 

9. In the case of a website, we begin coding the website based on the approved designs. 

10. We deliver the assets to you and in the case of a web site, we train you on how to make content changes to the site. 

I hope that you find this informative. Let me know if you have any questions or if you would like to talk with me more about your project.


Will I be able to make my own changes to the web site that you create for me?

Yes, we use a content management system and train you on how to make your own updates.


What is your typical turn-around time for web site design and development?

6 weeks is our standard length of time for design and development of a 10 page web site; however, if your launch date is aggressive we can work to meet your timeline.


Do you build Ecommerce web sites?

Yes, we have a lot of experience designing and developing ecommerce web sites.

Do you provide web hosting?


How long have you been in business?

We were founded on January 1, 2001.

Where are you located?

Mount Lookout, Cincinnati, Ohio. Right above Lookout Joe’s Coffee Shop.

I am looking for SEO services to assist with page ranking, what are your prices like?

We provide search engine optimization services to businesses looking to establish a presence on the web. Our SEO packages start out at $500.00 per month and go up to $5,000.00 per month depending on your needs and the size of your web site.

Regarding SEO, What kind of results can I expect and how soon?

Results will vary depending on your competition, your goals, and your budget. We measure results in a number of different ways by tracking the following; Web Traffic, number of visitors, leads, customers generated by each social media effort, Search Engine Visibility, Number of indexed pages, Number of indexed images and other media, In-bound links, Pages Crawled and Frequency, Verifiability of Sitemap.xml and Robot.txt, number of blog visitors and subscribers, del.icio.us bookmarks, inbound links, Facebook fans and activity, friends on Facebook or LinkedIn, votes for blog articles, posts in forums.

Why did you start Pixels and Dots?

We started the business when the internet was new. The onset of the internet opened up new and exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs. After many years of working in the advertising field, we felt like our experience combined with the ability to promote ourselves online would enable us to create a successful business. 

How has the company changed since it first opened?

When the Company first started we were working out of a small studio in the Pendleton Art Center. We now occupy a good portion of the 3181 Linwood building in Mt. Lookout Square. We started out with a very small client base that we have grown over-time. We continue to learn, grow and improve our skills. We have expanded our services from graphic design, marketing and web design to full service branding, logo design, package design, commercial photography, videography, social media management, pay-per-click advertising and ecommerce. 

What major differences do you notice between larger clients (like P&G) and smaller clients as far as needs and desires from a branding perspective?

I think branding needs are very similar for smaller clients as for larger clients. Both types of clients have a need to create a professional image and consistently communicate that message to their target audience. From a branding perspective the process is the same for any size of business.

How has marketing changed in the past 14 years since you opened? 

When we started Pixels & Dots, LLC, the internet was new. The internet has changed the way in which we reach target audiences. Audiences have shifted away from Print, TV & Radio to Internet. We as marketers, have changed by adapting to this new and constantly changing environment.

What do you think is coming next for advertising & marketing?


Any noticeable trends in advertising & marketing?

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