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Your blog is an important part of your online brandingCincinnati online branding company, Pixels & Dots can customize your blog to make it fit in with your online marketing strategy and branding initiatives.

Why is it important to have a blog?

  • New clients can find you through your blog.
  • A referral from a fellow blogger can lead to new clients.
  • Your blog can get indexed in the search engines and receive natural search engine rankings for keyword phrases.
  • Loyal readers build awareness of your brand.

How the blog fits into the marketing strategy

  1. It's a way to keep in touch with clients and potential clients.
  2. Content can focus on further developing your brand in your consumer's eye.
  3. You can improve customer relations by using your blog to address a customer's question. If one customer has a question, there may be many others that have the same question. The blog can address the question with everyone who reads it.
  4. You can list your blog in blog directories which helps to increase your visibility on the web.
  5. You can monitor your traffic to the blog through stats to measure your ROI.

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