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  • Would you like to update the Flash images on your web site?
  • Is that image in your Flash header outdated?
  • Do you have photos of new equipment and or capabilities that you would like to feature in your Flash presentation?

Cincinnati design agency, Pixels & Dots now offers an easy to use content management system that allows you to add or delete images from your Flash presentations online. Now you can add Flash to your web site without having to rely on your web developer to make changes/updates to it. Flash design created by Pixels & Dots for your Company's web site, trade show presentation, or CD ROM mailer.

Cincinnati design agency

Cincinnati Design Agency (Flash)

"I saw the Flash header, it is so AWESOME, sales have increased by 50% very nice!!!!"

Troy Myers
Glo Nation

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"P&G FutureWorks is the "Innovation Engine" for Procter & Gamble, seeking out and expanding new-to-the-world business models and associated products to help build out and strengthen our Company's growing portfolio. As the previous External Relations/Public Relations Manager for this Division, we had a need to quickly develop and deploy an external-facing website for our business..."

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