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Marketing has changed due to the internet.  Customers have become increasingly resistant to outbound marketing and increasingly pro-actively searching for what to buy on-line.  Marketing plans have changed from telling customers what to buy to attracting searchers through internet marketing. 

To create an effective marketing plan you must first research what your customers are searching for.  This can be done by analyzing the data that is being compiled daily by search engines.  Search engines know what people are searching for.  This process of researching what your customers are searching for will tell you what you need to say on your web site to attract the customers you are looking for.  Use the words that they are using on your site.  These are keyword phrases.

To establish brand recognition for your keyword phrases, you need to appear on the first page in the search engines.  You need to appear both in the paid listings and the organic listings, being in both places, helps to establish your brand as an authority for your keyword phrases.  Pixels & Dot can help you to come up with a Search Engine Optimization strategy and Pay-Per-Click campaign that will establish your brand on the web.

An effective marketing plan will include a plan for measuring your results.  At Cincinnati marketing firm, Pixels & Dots, we set up analytics that will measure not only your traffic, but establish goals and goal conversion statistics.  Measuring your results will tell you if your marketing plan is working and will also show you where you need to make adjustment s to make your plan more effective.

How we measure results:
  • Web Traffic
  • Number of visitors
  • Leads
  • Customers generated by each social media effort
  • Search Engine Visibility
  • Number of Indexed Pages
  • Number of Indexed Images and other media
  • In-bound links
  • Pages Crawled and Frequency
  • Verifiablity of sitemap.xml and robots.txt
  • Number of Blog visitors and subscribers
  • bookmarks
  • Facebook Fans and Activity
  • Votes for Blog Articles
  • Posts in Forums

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