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Cincinnati web design Company, Pixels & Dots, stays on top of what is most up-to-date in web development to keep your web site looking stylish.  We continue to push the envelope with what’s hot in the web design field.  Fresh ideas and newer ways of presenting information online is what gets our attention and what make us leaders in the field of web design.

Oversized Logos/Headers Are Hot

Cincinnati web design


A web design that incorporates an oversized logo and/or header can help to make an unforgettable statement about your brand.  By incorporating an oversized logo/header you can eliminate the problem of having a splash page, because users do not need to click anything, they can just scroll down.  Eliminating the need to click helps to retain your visitor.  Sometimes in that split second after a splash page comes up, the user will decide to hit the back button, rather than have to deal with your splash page.

Hand-Drawn Web Design

hand drawn web design


Hand-drawn items mixed in with other design elements can draw attention to important areas on your page.  Hand-drawn items can add variety and personality to the page.  By incorporating some hand drawn elements, you can transform an impersonal website to a more personal interaction.

Interactive Web Design

interactive web design


Web sites are definitely becoming more intuitive.  Annoying Flash interfaces are thankfully going by the way-side.  When used correctly, Flash should be a lot more relaxed and professional.  It should be obvious to the user what to do and how to navigate the site.  You don’t want to make the user think to hard about what they need to do.  Also if you can, add some helpful humor to your navigation, you can make the site more enjoyable to users.

Web Design using Slab Fonts

logo design


Slab fonts have been used for hundreds of years in print and other traditional media.  They are usually all caps and bold and imposing.  These fonts can grab reader’s attention, just as, “Wanted” posters grabbed attention in the old West.

Web Design with Impact

web design with impact


Larger images are used to create visual impact and are used to draw the visitor into your web site.  Larger images can help to set the mood for the site and can add interest.  As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Web Design with Perspective

web design with perspective


You want your web site to stand apart from the rest of the web sites out there.  One way to do this is to come up with an interesting perspective.  For example you could give your web site a feel of walking into your office or workplace by placing recognizable objects in the foreground or background of the site.  Another interesting idea might be to add a fishbowl effect by using a special camera lens to shoot your images.

Vintage Web Design

vintage web design


We love vintage.  Our office is filled with old vintage posters and art.  We admire and appreciate what it took to create graphics before there were computers and Adobe products.  Some of us actually used to do cut and paste back in the 80’s and 90’s.  It can be fun to incorporate what is old with what is new and bring back some of these old styles on the web.

Oversized Footers for Web Design

Oversized footers for web design


Oversized Footers are becoming the focal point for fun/personal info, such as social networking sites, newsletter information and rss feed links. Web designers are putting more thought into incorporating the web site footer into a more useful part of the overall web site design.

Magazine Layout for Web Design

magazine layouts for web design


Web designers are integrating traditional media layouts into their web designs to attract and retain traditional media viewers.  More and more people are surfing the web while reading and watching Television.  TV and magazine advertising trigger customers to search on-line or go to your web site.  It makes sense from a design stand-point to make the layout familiar and easy to use. This will make the transition from traditional media to your web site a natural one.

Cincinnati web design agency, Pixels & Dots can create a web design that achieves your advertising goals.  Call or email us today to get started with a web design that will deliver the results you need for the competitive edge. 513-651-9322.

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