We Offer a Variety of Online Advertising Options

The internet allows for flexibility when it comes to advertising. You can reach out to as many people or as few people as you want. Digital marketing is more targeted than traditional advertising allowing you to reach customers who are looking for what you have to offer in real-time. At Pixels & Dots, we can create an online advertising campaign that covers the geographical area where you want to focus your advertising. We can target demographics such as; gender, age, location, interest and hobbies.

online advertising services

We help you estimate advertising costs for any size budget

Our online advertising services allow for any size budget. We are flexible and can help you to estimate what your costs will be so that you can easily plan and budget your advertising dollars.

Easy-to-understand Reporting

In addition to helping you determine what your costs will be, we provide you with easy-to-understand reports that allow you to see how effective your ads are. 

Our branding services will establish a foundation for a solid online advertising and marketing plan.

Angela Davis

Online Advertising Strategies

We offer strategies for PPC (Google Ads), social media advertising, and email marketing. With our online advertising strategies, your ads will be coordinated across multiple channels and devices.

Online Advertising Projects