How Web Design Affects Marketing Strategy

web design is essential to marketing strategy

Your website is a digital tool that can impact your marketing strategy

In order for your website to be effective as a part of your overall marketing strategy, it needs to be as up-to-date as possible, informative, and attractive.

Pixels & Dots helps brands with improving their web design and online advertising as an important part of an effective marketing strategy.

A website must meet or exceed customer expectations, to have a positive impact on customer acquisition and conversion rates.

Learn about the impact of your website on your business

Website traffic is easily trackable and can give brand managers a better understanding of consumer preferences and provide key insight into what works and doesn’t work.

How to use your website to improve your marketing strategy

    • Differentiate Your Brand: Set your brand apart from your competitors with a custom website design that tells your brand story. Custom visuals and photography can make your brand memorable to your audience.

    • Create an Ideal User Experience: Improving the user’s journey on your website is critical to your brands success. A/B testing can help to ensure an ideal user experience which will have a positive impact on your brand objectives.

    • Maximize Visibility with SEO: Reach your target market where they are searching with search engine optimized content that increases your brands visibility in the search results.

    • Convert Prospects into Customers: User engagement correlates with conversion rates, which means that improving the overall customer experience or (CX) will improve conversions or sales. Improvements can be made by monitoring the customer journey and making changes where necessary. 

    • Improve Brand Influence: Digital marketing is an important factor in building brand influence and loyalty. You can leverage online interest in your brand with an engaging social media presence, pay-per-click campaign, and an SEO optimized website.

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