Digital Marketing: What's Hot?

Digital Marketing: What's Hot

Digital marketing trends are evolving faster than ever, Pixels & Dots is here to help you keep up.

We have outlined below what we think are the most important trends in digital marketing for 2019.

  • Video Marketing: Video is rapidly becoming the most important way that consumers learn about products. Google is actively rewarding websites that include video with better search engine rankings.  You can increase your overall brand engagement by using videos.  Companies are increasingly using live video for influencer interviews, product demonstrations, and views of behind-the-scenes activities.

  • Chatbots: These AI based messaging systems allow companies to provide instant responses to customers on a 24 hour basis. Studies have shown that customers are starting to prefer chatbots for brand communications because they can get answers to their questions promptly and accurately 24/7. 

  • SEO A/B testing:  Click-through-rates can be improved when focus and attention is paid to website pages that have high impressions, but low click-through-rates. Small changes to these pages, such as adding improved call to actions can make a big difference in improving under utilized potential.

  • Making use of micro-moments: This is when customers make instant decisions about purchases by using mobile devices. If a potential customer is in your vicinity and looking for what you sell, you need to make sure that your business is accessible to them via their mobile device. This involves making best use of search engine optimization, Google ads, and local online business listings.

  • Voice search:  Voice technology is increasingly being used by customers who prefer to speak to their smart speakers and voice assistants, rather than type their questions into a device. Voice technology requires adopting a voice search strategy which uses a more conversational approach to keyword phrases that are better recognized by these types of queries.

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