A Powerful Brand Story Gives a Big Voice to your Business

brand story telling

Great storytelling allows your brand to make a human connection with your customers.

Your brand story gives an in-depth look into who you are as a company and will improve your customer experience. Make your brand stand out by providing a transparent view into your company's culture and values.  In the end people work with companies because of the company's people and the relationships they build together. Quality products and/or services are important, but when comparing apples to apples, connections to heart and soul will tip the scales in your brand's favor. 

A truly successful brand story is more about your customers than about your company.  The main character in any effective brand story is the customer with your products and services as the side-kick.  Think of your customer as the Batman to your Robin.

Your brand story shouldn't be forced, but should evolve naturally as a result of learning about how your company solves problems or provides solutions to your customers.  

Once you have determined your brand story, merge it with your company values making it central to all customer communications.

Be authentic in your storytelling by using actual photos of real clients and bona fide examples of how your customers really feel about your brand. The humans that read your website, magazine ads, billboards, etc. will sense if you are being disingenuous. You can maintain authenticity by writing your copy in a conversational tone, just as you would sound if you were speaking to the customer in-person.

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