Digital Marketing: Where to Start?

Digital Marketing: Where to Start?

Growing your brand online takes time, but don't feel overwhelmed. Our digital marketing article will help guide you.

Get Started with your Digital Marketing Campaign by Writing a Blog or Newsletter

Digital Marketing Where to Start?You will want to start with creating an informative blog post or news article for your website at least once a month. For some this may be intimidating, but once you get into the groove of writing articles your writing skills will improve. 

Share your Blog or Newsletter

Use an email marketing platform to share your news article. Be sure to provide links back to your website. Also, share your article on your company Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media accounts.

Create Video Content for your website

Studies have shown that most people want to see some video content on your website. Live streaming videos is also a trendy new way to build brand excitement and engage with your audience in real-time.

Search Engine Optimization

85% of buyers now use Google to search for products and services. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps you to take advantage of this opportunity. TIP: When creating a keyword list for use in optimizing your website for SEO, use Google Console to find out which keyword phrases are currently being used to find your business. You may find long tail keyword phrases (phrases that are more specific to your business) are better for pulling traffic into your website than more general terms and phrases.

Utilize Google Authorship for your Blog or News Articles

For WordPress, this may be included as part of your theme, or you can install a plugin (Author Box Reloaded) to add this functionality to your blog. Google authorship tells Google to add your photo in the search results and has been shown to increase readership.

Add Your Google Reviews to Your Website

You can do this by either utilizing a WordPress plugin (WP Customer Reviews) or by using Google's markup schema.

Cross Reference your Blog Entries, Web Pages, and News Articles

Cross referencing means that when you mention a topic in your article that is also covered in another area of your website, you should create a link from one article to the other. Cross referencing will encourage your visitors to check out other areas of your website.

Be Active in the Online Community

You can do this by commenting on related blogs, forums, and like-minded websites.

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